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August 7, 2013
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FIOLEE: Human Bunny

Ch. 25

‘“Why did you bring me here?”’ Fiona asked as she remembered her favorite hiding place in the Candy Kingdom.

“…you loved it here…I never understood why…” His astral voice seemed to come in and out. Taking longer as he started talking.

Fiona felt herself blush, “I didn't know you knew about this place. It’s just a space in between the walls.”

“…which is why I never understood why you liked it here…when you could have gone to whichever room in the house…”

“It was the closeness to you. Your room is right beside this wall.” She felt her face get even hotter. “I could hear you perfectible in here. And at night when I would just lay here the only light that came in was through the tiny cracks on the walls and it made it almost feel like I was touching the stars and blocking them out.” She coughed, “I imagined us under the stars and you telling me…”

“…I know…”

“What are we doing here?” She asked again.

“…this is the only place I kept my secrets guarded from the Lich…”

“The Lich?”

“…yes, we have to be quick…you have to listen to me before I lose all focus…you have to remember everything I tell you…”

Fiona nodded.

“…there are bottles all around my lab…I need you to get two bottles…remember the names…Sulfuric acid and…liquid nitrogen…”

“Sulfuric acid and liquid Nitrogen got it.” Fiona repeated so she could remember the names.

“…very good…now you will have to boil the Sulfuric acid…boil it…”

“Ok I will boil the S word. What else?”

“…grab leather gloves once the acid is boiling…any chance you get throw it at the Lich…”


“…just do it…”

“Okay. Glob.”

“…once the Lich melts pour the Liquid Nitrogen on her…”

“What will that do?”

“…freeze her…after that…take the pieces and give them to Marshal…there is a place in the Nightosphere were they will never be bothered…he knows…”

“Fine, but why are you telling me all this?”

“…Fiona…when the Lich pleads you to stop…don’t you dare stop…you keep doing what I told you…don’t stop…”


“…It’s an addiction, Fiona…it will never stop unless you do as I say…”

“Fine, I’ll do it. Bossy today huh? Finally readying to become a King are you?” she smiled at him warmly.

“…I’m sorry for never loving you like you wanted…” He touched her cheek, gently. “…I am not capable of loving another in a romantic way…I can only love you with the undifferentiated way I have loved all of my people…I love everyone equally…my friends and family…I could not find it in me to extend more love for you…I did feel your pain as I spoke to you so inconsiderately so many years ago…”


“…I made you a gift on that day…I hid it in this place hoping you would come back and find it...but you never did return…”

“What is it?”

“…It will serve a different purpose now…my people will need it…I do ask you not to tell my people a thing about the Lich and I…”

“I don’t understand.”

“…but you will when you wake up…but promise me not to tell them…”

“I promise.”

“…Thank you, Fiona…” He took a deep breath, “It’s been so long since I've taken a breath of air without it being a shared one…”

“You’re talking as if I will not see you anymore.”

“…None of that…” he smiled, “…remember what I told you…Sulfuric acid is boiled…then thrown at the Lich…remember to dive for cover after you throw it…the Lich is really slow…but you can’t let it touch your skin…”

“So I toss and bail?”

“…Yes…once the Lich has melted pour the liquid nitrogen to freeze her…remember to tell Marshal about the place in the Nightosphere…”


Pulling Fiona into a tight embrace he caressed her hair. “…I hope you can forgive me for my weakness…I know it caused you and the other’s a lot of pain…”

“I don’t have anything to—”

“…you’re going to have to do it Fiona…there is no way around it…remember…do it for me…”
Short Chapter I know, but this was more like a what-happened during the time Fiona was unconscious!
I have felt so bad for making Gumball the villain, but ,eh, someone had to be...
Thanks again for such wonderful comments! I ♥ you all!
Hope you like!

Mucho ♥ Love!

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Shep3rdOfFire Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
So that's wat happened. I understand now
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Yeah, pretty sad :iconcuterrhplz:
Courtneycat123 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I just cry. I feel bad now, I shouldn't have said all those mean things about Gumball. TToTT
Lilicamp310 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aww don't cry....well I cried too, but its better
than him being the bad guy.
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