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Submitted on
August 17, 2013
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March 1, 1949

I've decided to keep a journal, something a bit more personal to those I have to keep my research and notes.

Simone my sister had bugged me to keep a daily journal for ages now, yet now that I have not seen her in over a year, getting the journal seemed almost as a way to remind me of her. I've decided to buy me a personal journal with a lock and key just in case it lands in the wrong hands.

I have received a letter from my dear sweet sister Simone, who now signs Petrikov instead of her maiden name of Abadeer. She writes to inform me that she and her now husband: Benny Petrikov have married in Northern Scandinavia.

I am glad for my younger sister to have married the love of her life. It brings me happiness that she will now be taken care of. Yet this happiness has almost a bittersweet taste to it. I wish her all the happiness in the world, but I wished I could have been there to see my little sister's wedding.

On other news I've been buried deep in so much work here at the institute. Simone's most recent expedition has kept me very busy.  She has found a couple of very interesting items as well as a very interesting Book she calls The Enchiridion. Her new husband as well as herself have kept busy studying their findings, yet she has sent me a packages of their findings but one of those packages that contain a ring she writes the natives say it holds the power over the dead with the price of a mortal's warm blood. Ha, sounds almost like Dracula.

I've yet to believe the superstitions of the people, but Simone has been warned not to put it on. She says she's been tempted to do so and thus far she has sent it to me for I do not believe in such. She has asked for my help to research the ring. I have yet to open the package it is in, but Simone has made it seem almost alluring.

I have yet much to be done before I shall see the ring.

-Lewis Abadeer
So this is a journal entry from Marshall's dad's journal
from ch. 16

A lot of you asked what was in the journal....well I guess we will have to wait
and see >:) (because of course I am...evil,evil,evil,evil) Muhahaha!!!

So this is a preview of the next story that I'm thinking about writing.
I'm also thinking up a name for it lol i'm open to suggestions! :D

This is for part two of Fiolee: Human bunny. It's the next step of their lives
as well as their children and other stuff...

Remember his is just a preview and it might or might not end up in the next story.
I want to see what you guys think though!
I want to see if it captures your attention or anything of the sort!


Also I know I'm not yet even finished the last Chapters for Human Bunny, but
I still have so much I have to do with that so I just wanted to give all of ya'll
a little something since it's taking me forever!

I also want to thank all the support. I've reached 40+ watchers and I am so grateful!
I really do appreciate the support!

Mucho ♥ Love! Always!!!

FIOLEE: Human Bunny;
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